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From basic SEO optimization and reporting to advanced campaign, event and conversion management.

To achieve the best possible search engine results, to acquire traffic, and accurately track website performance, every specification of your website pertaining to search engine optimization (SEO) must be met. Google/Bing/Yahoo recommend accurate titles, descriptions, and keyword density in order to properly index your site and it's content. Website speed is becomeing a critical factor in competing for top 10 positions for any search result.

We offer three hands-on SEO plans. Each plan brings with it our expertise and hands on content management. From our SEO to the SEP plan, our structured approach delivers observable performance results. We have a system we have refined over 16 years of competing for improved search results. It works.

For the most aggressive approach delivering full time management of content, search performance and social media engagement, choose our Next Level Plan.

Upon selection, we will be in touch, typically within an hour or next business day. Our team will review your website, it's needs, your goals and initiate a plan where achievable goals are reached in the short term paving the way to realizing long term goals.

All plans include website hosting at ParsonsHosting. We require your website to be hosted with us so we can have complete control of the database, how the website performs and to better manage any traffic sources. Our servers are tuned to deliver very fast response times. In supporting your website and SEO needs, we feel our job is best assured success while your website is hosted at ParsonsHosting. We will transfer your website free of charge. If you are already hosting at ParsonsHosting, then simply log in to your account/client-area and then return to this page to place your oder. Once complete, we immediately confirm with you and kick start your Search Engine endeavour.

All plans require a 4 month commitment.

Our Basic Search Engine Optimization Plan brings your website up to date and into compliance with current search engine specifications. Our team of Search Engine specialists comb through your website content and optimize it so content ranks for a selection of 4 targeted key words. All titles, descriptions are written perfectly so search engines can accurately index your website content. Every image is updated with relevant Alt tags. In addition, we produce a monthly audit of your site where you will be able to see and track search performance improvements and compare performance against your competition over months, even years.

We track Social Media Performance for all your linked accounts.

"The insight I received was critical to achieving online goals" - Mike Knepp, Artist

Our Basic Search Engine Optimization is the perfect place to start for new websites and existing websites where little if any of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices have been implemented.

We zero in on what is the very best approach in attaining prominence in your target niche. We review options, possibilities for the sort term and long term. Then we implement a plan you agree on.

Our About Our Search Engine Performance Plan provides all the value of our Basic Search Engine Optimization Plan with an emphasis on performance. We call it Business SEO is for websites that have e-commerce and/or Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

We produce your organizations Social Media content inspiring your audience to share and relate to and associate with your brand. Social Media is your main venue in acquiring interest, generating inspiration and driving product purchase or donations.

We develop rich cards for presenting your websites content prominently in the vertical.

We update website content with relevant Schema or "Schema Tags" for improved indexing of website content by search engines.


  • Track/Rank 10 Keywords
  • Weekly & Monthly Reports
  • Track Up To 5 PPC Campaigns
  • Weekly Page/Post updates (Up to 8 Updates)
  • Weekly Consultation/Review
  • Add Schema Tags

Hire a team of experts to manage all your website content, development and SEO endeavours.

Our Next Level Management Plan puts a team of experts behind your website.

We manage all your SEP requirements while publishing content that drives your websites conversion cycle.

Ongoing web development required to keep content fresh, engaging is included. We provide up to 8 hours of development time towards building out function and user experience.

With the power of A/B testing and heat mapping, we can provide the best insight available at accurately determining what next steps are qualified at yielding a return on investment. No guessing what will work. We make assessments using data from keyword research, competitor performance and existing market trends.

We meet weekly, daily as needed. Our progress is verifiable in the weekly performance reports and review.

Whether your website is selling products, subscriptions, bookings or accepting donations, we have the experience and depth to take on your online responsibilities and deliver a truly next level result. Often unobtainable unless professional help.

For aggressive search engine performance, professional management that would cost at least 5x more per month if you hired it in-house, and where online scale and transactions are the purpose of the website, our Next Level Plan will pay for itself.

For improved search engine results and website performance.
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Included With Every Plan
  • Perfect Titles & Descriptions
  • Address all 404 Errors
  • Keyword ranking
  • Keyword tracking
  • Event tracking
  • Conversion tracking
  • Local search indexing
  • Organic search results
  • Monthly audit reports
  • Monthly 1 hour consulting session
  • Google Analytics Implementation
  • Site Submit To Google/Bing/Yahoo
  • Sitemap Creation/Submission
  • Social Media Integration

Starting at $4.99 a month, MarketGoo offers a do-it-yourself Search Engine Optimization Tool that will get you some traction in the vertical when the budget needs to go to other related details. A solid choice for those hosting with us and are prepared to manage their own implementation.

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